Saturday, December 07, 2013

My Father

Here is an essay that I found that wrote a little more than 2 weeks after my late father(my Allah have mercy on him) passed away 5 years ago.

My Father

My Father was a fantastic man. Never in my life did I think that having to write this essay would be so painful, but well it is. It has been exactly 17 days since he passed away, 17 days since I helped to lower his body into the ground. 17 days since I prayed his funeral prayer. In these 17 days my life has not changed all that much however my goals have modified a bit and a sense of urgency has entered into them. I have only one parent left and I together with my siblings would like to see that God Willing our dreams, our aspirations are fulfilled as much as possible in front of the 2 eyes of my mother.

People say that life is short but realization doesn’t hit us until we see a death/experience the death of someone close to us. Since the 11th of April ,2008 my life has taken on a  new purpose and I have begun to realize that procrastination is a deadly virus. Had my father procrastinated praying his Zuhr prayer on that da, he would not have passed away in a state of ablution  having just prayed.

When he (may Allah have mercy on his soul) smiled , he did not smile from ear to ear but his sudden smile at a joke or a happy time used to bring a smile to those around him. He never hit his children , he rather believed in the soft discipline that was best exemplified to children by our beloved prophet (saw). 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fleeting Moments...

Alhamdullillah it's Mac time...

Everyone human being is defined by his/her struggle...which is characterized by how much they are struggling to achieve their objectives in life.
For some unfortunately their objectives need immense revision for others, they must consistently re-look and remember their objectives in life.
For me I hope and pray that my objectives in life all lead to one goal, that is the goal to meet my creator and to have achieved some minute objective in this life that allows me inshAllah to stand in front of my Lord.

Life goes on and we all eventually surrender to its fragrance and seduction, all that is except those who remember that there is nothing more temporary in this life than life itself.

The very definition of earthly Life can be described as a fleeting moment. Look back, think and remember your very first day in kindergarten...I for one cannot remember it, then try and remember your very first day of school, then look at your very first day in university or at work...then look at yourself today and see how they years have passed you a fleeting moment...all your experiences can be boxed in a box called 10/20/30 years...sure some may have no so called regrets but think,ponder and contemplate on how time has passed you by.

Rather I should say how time has passed us by....

That line on the testpads, I used to see in my school exams was right, Time and Tide wait for no man

Life is not meant to be experienced, or lived, rather Life is meant to be Understood.Its Purpose,It's Meaning,It's existence..your existence...our existence

The sharing of the planet,it's resources which are limited but have been made to appear so and everything in the sky,the earth, in between and beyond....

Ask yourself, why was it made and then ponder,reflect and analyze your answer and see what you come up with...

Alhamdullillah....Allah made me a Muslim..may he always keep me on this path..Ameen

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Cultural Heritage and Me

This is an essay I wrote for a youth conference a couple of months ago:

My Cultural Heritage and Me

As I read the title of this essay that I am supposed to write for the 4th IYEP a myriad of thoughts engulfed me as I thought which cultural heritage that I have that i should write about. Aahh...I digress, before that let me introduce myself as a global citizen, one who was born in West Africa, raised in Southeast Asia yet I am from the North of that gigantic country known as India, known as a land rich in spices and culture.

When the question of culture rises, I suppose that a definition would mean the traditions which include the clothes I wear on special occasions as well as the type of food I eat, if that is taken to be the definition then I can definitely identify myself with Indian or rather South Asian culture. However if culture is defined as the way in which I think ideologically or perhaps a better word is align myself in terms of thinking then I can definitely say that I have a somewhat ‘rojak’ or mixed culture with influences from the American/British ways of thinking [due to my schooling and its education], as well as the Arab and Malay ways [due to the influence of friends] as well as a variety of various other cultures.

If the above paragraph shows a picture of an extremely culturally confused and ignorant person, then I must concur that I am guilty as charged. I am in somewhat of an identity crisis when it comes to culture, whilst I strongly identify with the positive family values of the Indian culture, I also believe that respect must be earned and not given on the basis of seniority, an idea some would say is an American import. Having not had any real pressure from my parents to strictly follow and adhere to certain Indian customs has allowed me to view the Indian culture in a more positive light than some of my peers who rejected it completely and as a reactionary measure embraced a culture that was completely alien to them.

In recent times I feel that more and more people are becoming racial and cultural conscious. This perhaps is due to the constant harping of certain players on the world scene on the differences between civilisations and cultures, or as one person would have it “a clash of civilisations”, as opposed to the similarities between civilisations and cultures, or the “collaboration of civilisations and cultures”
In this world unfortunately whilst communication barriers are being broken down every day, I feel that in place of them there are more psychological and emotional barriers being formed between communities and cultures. As a result of this blanket attack by a few quarters on my culture, I somehow fell more strongly connected to it than I would have 6-7 years ago. Perhaps this retrospection is good as it enables me to start to look for the good in my culture and in the process of that I hope to find the good in other cultures.

Perhaps something that has impacted me in the way I associate myself to my confused cultural heritage is the knowledge I consume and the language and sources by which I obtain it. I dream in English and that according to psychologists means that English is my mother tongue, which is a bit odd seeing as how I couldn’t speak English until the age of 3, which is when I started going to school. The material that I consume impacts the way I think, talk and even act. Hence seeing as how mine and most of the rest of the world, primary source of information is in English, we all exhibit at times a certain similar type of cultural thinking. This impacts the way I look at things and events, the movies and media I consume, and the information I digest. So yes I can say that I am partly if not greatly influenced by Western culture, whether that may be eating pop corn whilst I am watching a movie or eating fast food on a regular basis, I am lead to the conclusion that whilst I want to believe that because I have lived in and met a great variety of people I am different, I fear I am no different from the sheep that is being lead by the shepherd. I fear that in this world where a few people control a vast majority of information, I am being lead and not doing the leading, I fear I am a product of Western culture who hides behind his ethnicity to try and prove that he is deep and mature , whereas in reality I am shallow and naive.

Having said that , I feel that in every culture there is something that can be learnt , both good and bad. The heritage and legacy that I would like to pass on to my children, God Willing, would be that irrespective of our differences in clothes, sizes, shapes, spices, food or whatever it is that we identify with our cultures we are all equal in the eyes of God, differentiated only by our levels of piety.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greetings of peace

This is a story I came up with at 2 am last night...its been a while...

Greetings of Peace

It is Friday, the thirteenth of Ramadan, 1482AH, I suddenly feel very exhausted. Just as I am about to go for Friday prayers my legs feel exhausted, as if they cannot support my weight anymore. Then I feel myself collapsing and drag myself to the nearest sofa, as I do that I see an enormous creature before me...

....he has a smile so big I feel enveloped by a sense of worry which soon turns into a euphoric feeling. Is this I this...the he the angel of death?...There appears to be a glow around him

In the distance hear the faint cries of my family saying...shouting in the distance.

It all seems so far away....yet in the distance I can see a man on a camel welcoming me with arms outstretched , and he to has a smile on his face. Who is this man with the white Jallabiyyah and such a kind face....his gestures are welcoming...

Suddenly I feel a pain that I have never felt before as my soul reaches my throat and then more screaming....

...and as my lips move for the last time they form the words “La.... ilaha Illal...Lah Muhammad Rasul...Lallah”. I can hear the doas of my family they envelop me and comfort me like a warm blanket on a cold winter day the weather around me flows from a chill to a cold breeze on a warm summer front of me I can see gardens with such beauty and splendor , with so much green and yellow and blue a kaleidoscope of colours and a smell so fragrant that even the rose I gave to my beloved wife on our honeymoon could not compare, and the delight that I feel as that smell draws closer...I swear by God never have I ever smelt something of the world that I am leaving behind.

I ask myself where and why?....why?...what did I do to deserve such a I turn my face to my right I see the most beautiful creatures that I have ever seen and when I send greetings on them they reply with that wonderful greeting “Salama....Peace...Peace be upon you oh servant of have truly fulfilled your destiny”.

I hear people washing my body, they wash it and my youngest son stands there...controlling his he performs the mandatory bath and covers my body with a simple white cloth.

I hear in the distance the Imam reciting the Janazah Prayer over my body as the congregation prays behind him....subhanallah how many people are here...I wonder as I see lines after lines fill up the masjid...

I look back at my life and think what did I do and I ask the angels...what have I done to be blessed with such a reward...pray do tell me so I can tell me fellow man to follow this path and do the deed that has brought me this wonderful place. They reply “Allah loved that quality in you that when the world abandoned you, when the world did not believe in you, you turned to him and said “Oh My Lord! The Most beneficent! The Most Merciful! I seek sustenance from you!... Save my family and Rabb us from the evils of Riba and Bribery! Save us my Lord and give us Barakah in our earnings for you are the best to provide sustenance!”.

This the angels replied made you enter the Gardens of Bliss. I then stand in awe and reply to the angels , Allah [swt] gave me Mansions in the Dunia, he blessed me with good fortune and good company...and in the Akhirah he has blessed me with the company of the prophets and the akhirah is forever...

“Whoever submits his whole self to Allah, And is a doer of good, has grasped indeed the most trustworthy handhold; and with Allah rests the end and decision of (all) affairs”
Surah Luqman : Verse 22

Monday, August 09, 2010

A new look for a new period in my life....

A fresh start on the whole blogging thing.....

A new beginning.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As Busy as a BEE

Well I last blogged last year....

So much has been happenig that blogging is getting quite tough now...
Anyway my 2 latest projects:-

Golden Ratio Solutions

and White Kuffi Productions [still working on a website for this one]


I have officially ventured into the world of business and I have to say it keeps me busy but happy! because of the challenges it poses my mind is constantly in motion trying to predict how to move next...InshAllah one day i'll own a company as big and impactful as Google/Twitter/Facebook.

And then I'll got to the SD people who interviewed me for 2 hours and say to them hey just because I was a foreigner you didn't give me the I am here to buy your company.