Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Monkey outside my Window

As the title suggests I have recently encountered a member of the monkey species –not in the jungle –but outside my hostel room/cubicle window-which by the way is in the jungle. Or at least the is what I call it. Observe pictures(taken with my trusty,sturdy and highly sensitive to any hand movement Samsung S760 ) below-

Thank God its not my window he is peeking in!

That is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last couple of days…oh...and also the Annual Grand Dinner of Sciences Students in my uni –which besides the venue and the food isn’t really worth mentioning except for the fact that it was my first and is InshAllah my last AGD.

Apparently my FYP is going very slowly and not really at all as we have just found out that the 7 months of work that we put in will give us a very small quantity of results and hence we have to redo the whole thing again.

We are planning to go on a road trip all the way to Hulu Selangor (about 5 hours away-one way- from Kuantan) and bring back about a hundred papayas and start the re extraction on Thursday IA. Btw we will have to go and come back in satu hari(one day). Extremely tiring! As that means that for the next 48 hours after bringing the papayas we will have to clean with 70 % alcohol then peel,blend and mix with PBS/distilled water. Followed by incubate shaking them then centrifuging them followed by taking the supernatant and then use it for freeze drying.

So wish me all the best and will update next IA with information about the road trip.

On another note I have downed 5 days of Fast in Shawwal alhamdullillah and there is only 1 more day left.

Fi amanillah!

Also I have written an article(below) for the sciences magazine –erudition and here it is –fell free to comment on it –note : honest comments appreciated.

A common question that I am asked especially from my cousins when I travel back is “Hey what are you studying in Malaysia?’ On the reply that I am studying Bio Medical Science there is a collective sigh that goes around the room which is then replaced by the very common question “…and what is that in English ”and also the other common remark that I get is “…oh well, now that is a mouthful’. Well what is Biomedical Science –honestly the last time that I went back to India I had not much idea so I would cook up images of scientists working on a cure for cancer or better still a cure for a deadly diseases. Movies like The Legend or Resident Evil helped to get the message across.

Well now in my final year it’s much easier to grasp an understanding of what I might be able to offer the job market back home should I choose to pursue my studies in Biomedical Science or a related field. My country is unique as it is not only my motherland but also the motherland of a huge number of industries and also the motherland to one fourth of the world’s population. However before I digress , speaking of industries-India has enough to keep Industrial hygienists, Occupational Health personnel, Safety and Health officers and Pharmaceutical researchers –at this point I should mention that India is world famous for producing generic drugs, even some HIV treatment drugs which are then sold in countries like Thailand and Vietnam-busy and in demand for the next decade at least. Assuming that all the afore mentioned people don’t do their job properly then we have the environmental officers who then take charge. Speaking of the environment India has a lot of pollution so I would be making a valid assumption here saying that they probably would be in huge demand over there as well.

Ahh well at this point in time one just wants to finish and get on with life and see what one can offer the world-so to all those reading this please do remember me in your prayers and au revoir.