Saturday, December 07, 2013

My Father

Here is an essay that I found that wrote a little more than 2 weeks after my late father(my Allah have mercy on him) passed away 5 years ago.

My Father

My Father was a fantastic man. Never in my life did I think that having to write this essay would be so painful, but well it is. It has been exactly 17 days since he passed away, 17 days since I helped to lower his body into the ground. 17 days since I prayed his funeral prayer. In these 17 days my life has not changed all that much however my goals have modified a bit and a sense of urgency has entered into them. I have only one parent left and I together with my siblings would like to see that God Willing our dreams, our aspirations are fulfilled as much as possible in front of the 2 eyes of my mother.

People say that life is short but realization doesn’t hit us until we see a death/experience the death of someone close to us. Since the 11th of April ,2008 my life has taken on a  new purpose and I have begun to realize that procrastination is a deadly virus. Had my father procrastinated praying his Zuhr prayer on that da, he would not have passed away in a state of ablution  having just prayed.

When he (may Allah have mercy on his soul) smiled , he did not smile from ear to ear but his sudden smile at a joke or a happy time used to bring a smile to those around him. He never hit his children , he rather believed in the soft discipline that was best exemplified to children by our beloved prophet (saw).