Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today and Yesterday

The world today is perceived as being round. Millennia ago that would have been considered a ridiculous notion. Life changes and people change but what is constant and what remains behind even after people leave the world is what they do. Their deeds, their history ,their work irrespective of what line it was. However people only remember those that were unique, those who when the world cried “turn left” ,”turned right” not because it was the “in” thing to do or because they were defiant of authority but rather because it was in their minds the correct thing to do.I saw this written in a movie once ,I think it was 10 Things I hate About You “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right”.

We have many instances in today’s world where people are scared to speak the truth,I was having a discussion with one of my lecturers and I said that sometimes we have to keep quiet because of fear hurting those closest to us and she replied that it is because we care about those closest to us that we speak out and try to change the world around us. Both viewpoints are true however after “meditation ” I would say that the former is true but in the short term only and the latter is more effective in the long term.

Malcolm X once said that it takes a person to die before people recognise his/her worth. That is very true especially in today’s world we wait until someone says something before we actually say what we think. When we hear wolf we also cry “wolf” yet we do so even when we do not see the wolf but only so that we can please those who cried “wolf”. We do not give someone credit for what he/she has done until they are dead or are no longer there. The lyrics from counting crows song “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone” then rings very true in our ears.

At the end of the day what we leave behind ,the truth we stood up for ,the justice we fought for ,the people we stood shoulder to shoulder with when doing our daily routines ,it is this and these people that we will be remembered by. NOT! by how much we earned and what we spent it on.thw world they say is a nasty place, true yet at the end of the day I think we build our world around us and we build the walls that either isolate us from the people that we care about or that welcome them in. Perhaps we should all stop being followers and start leading by example ,perhaps we should all stop nudging that brother in front to lead the prayer and instead walk up and take the lead. Perhaps we should all start living our lives the way we want to and not the way society demands of us, although one should keep in mind that going “wild ” is not what I have in mind but rather we should all awake from our slumber and rise to the occasion and start to ask “Why”. Why is this like this and can i make it better and can I make a difference in the lives of people besides my own. That is when we can be considered as individuals who did more than just eat, sleep ,procreate and die. That is how societies are made and that is how socities will continue to flourish.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Life is a test and we believe as Muslims that we are all tested according to the level of our faith. Yes! it is hard, very hard sometimes to be patient with what God test us with but we must persevere because without out faith we have nothing. All we would end up with is a sense of the bitterness of life and frustration at it . The general idea in our religion is that the higher and stronger our faith at that moment in time the stronger and more intense is the test with which we are tested with. A very close friend of mine was recently both physically and verbally assaulted in an attack that we believe was racially motivated , on consultation with the relevant authorities they made this friend of mine the preparator and the original perpetrator was made the victim. Life Sucks! However on the Day of Resurrection my friend will stand and bear witness to God and then, by the grace of God the original preparator and the people who stood beside and behind him will be brought for questioning in front of God.

I typed all of this while drinking my instant Vono soup of cheese and mushroom which turned out to be the appetizer for my nasi last night.


On another note the auditions for the first WacKOS productions play will be held from next Monday until Wednesday. Seeing as how I am the director ,myself and a friend of mine (the casting director) will be overseeing the “acting” skills of some fateful students from my Faculty.

Rubs Hands with Glee!!!

GTG as my bus to KL leaves in less than half an hour


Sunday, January 06, 2008

This story absolutely broke my heart

On a happier note alhamduliillah got my first laptop delivered on wednesday and came from kuantan to pick it up from home.Its pretty satisfying althrough it took a looooong 2 weeks to arrive from Dell.

Plus, again all praise be to God i got my first article published in The Star newpapaer in the uni student section and will be putting up a scanned version soon hopefully inshAllah./

Annnnd...WacKOS won the RM6 K and the faculty approved our RM 30K budget.All by God's grace and will be pretty busy in the next couple of weeks with the first wacKOS open event i.e . to all the students in our campus.Yours truly is the director of the the first play to be held in the Kuantan campus of my university.So we have a script writing team and a casting director and all the cool stuff involved with a play .

However i also have to do my haematolgy and toxicology assignments and go to sleep to do so i've got to diaapparate for now...