Monday, March 23, 2009

The last-last week was very stressful-Had to submit my FYP results to my supervisor and had to do them as we are trying God Willing to submit an abstract for an international conference in July. So anyway had to juggle my fyp results as well as the First Aid Course done in my Occupational Health subject which by the way was great!

I always complain about the syllabus and method of teaching in my faculty however in this case I raise my hat off to them for providing us with such a great instructor(Mr Hussein) and the course itself. It covered stuff like CPR, Choking, Spinal injury and how to deal with accident cases and overall patient evaluation.
The next week promises to be stressful as well with 2 exams lined up and the pressure of finishing all our biochemical analysis as well as Red Sirius Collagen staining by the 15th of this month.

Right now it is 5 am and I am trying to learn about Occupational Safety while listening to trance to keep me awake as the darn caffeine didn’t work again!
However I believe that the hard that was put in the FYP is finally paying off(all praise be to Allah ) albeit there is still more hard work to be done but all those nights and weeks which turned to months and in this particular month turned into a year of hard labour..umm…work and planning and strategizing is finally looking like it is going to pay some dividends off.

Speaking of dividends this is really not the year to graduate as the economic crisis and in resultant the unemployment rate is threatening to go from extremely bad to unimaginably bad-however speaking of unemployment we as Muslims believe that risiq or earning is in the hands of God and so if we are meant to get that Job and we work hard for it , then there is no way we will not get that job as God only helps those who help themselves.

May God help all of us(Ameen)

Monday, March 02, 2009

This as my other posts is one day late

Yesterday(i.e. the 28 of february) was one of the biggest events that has ever happened in our campus in IIUM,Kuantan. The first IIUM Kuantan Interfaith Dialogue – we had invited speakers from all the major religions in Malaysia i.e. speakers from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and of course Islam. It was massive as we had about 6oo people come into and fill the main auditorium in Kulliyyah of Medicine.

Yours truly was the moderator for the dialogue which coincidentally happened the day after my 21st birthday-and which I will get to later in my blog.

Anyhow we had a great IFD –it was a big hit with both the IIU student population and the members of the Public(most of whom were non-Muslims) in fact in the survey form which we gave to members of the public in the rating of 1-5 with 5 being the highest , most of them gave it 5. I believe that all the audience members thoroughly enjoyed Bro Shahkirit’s speech and also the way he handled the questions being asked.

The program was massive because of the nature of it i.e. religion in Malaysia is a highly sensitive topic and also because of the response that we got . Now coming to my birthday my roommates and gang i.e. Yusof ,Fahmi ,Muhammad ,Sardar and Hanaan came up with a surprise. All the speakers got a souvenir from IIU and these crafty guys got one made for me and were planning to announce at the end of the ceremony that it was my birthday the day before and here was my souvenir but the MC(Jaz) forgot and in the process saved me the embarrassment of looking shocked in front of roughly 500 people. A picture of the said plaque is shown below.

By the way they had planned it about 2 weeks ago and in celebration we later went out that night to Santai (a supposedly exclusivish restaurant with pretty decent food )
However what happened that was embarrassing was that in afternoon’s speech I was sitting in the audience and during Bro Shah’s speech I went to sleep and then he asked around where was the moderator and it was found that the moderator was asleep and lost in a world of dream a bunch of friends were trying to call me and SMS me while I was sleeping but to no avail – I suppose it was to do with the fact that I had only slept about 2 hours the night before as we were busy with preparations with the IFD. Anyhow I only woke up after all the action of looking for the moderator was finished and so was saved the embarrassment of the moment-however I have to say I didn’t find as embarrassing as I might have found it a couple of years ago-and for this All praise be to God.

Anyhow I remembered my previous birthday as in the evening I was sitting in my room in hostel when my late Dad(May God have mercy on his soul) called me up together with the rest of the family and wished me Happy Birthday-how was I to know that it would be my last birthday with him.

You don’t how your life can change in a matter of seconds so tell and show your loved ones how much you love them before it is too late!