Monday, September 29, 2008

Its that time of the year again...

Eid is less than 48hrs away and well this is going to be the first eid that i will spend away from my family in 20 years. So to say the least it will be different. Spent the last few days in the IIUM masjid at night and in the room during the day.

it is 650am right now and my eyes are rolling shut so off i go ...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the article that ahsan is talking about is btw:-

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The following views are slightly biased as they are based on my opinion and probably may not be understood in their complete context by those who are not familiar with my views.

The world's financial markets are in turmoil.The biggest insurance company in the world had collapsed i.e. AIG , a bank has gone bankrupt-and i thought that only happened to people and companies- and lost 700 million USD in the process and just day before yesterday a bunch of African students were attacked bear the central campus of my university in a series of racial insults and attacks that have been targeted at foreigners and foreign students living in Malaysia.

Not to forget that some members of the administration that are supposed to condone such sort of violence actually then say(as observed in the article above) -that the murderers tried to teach the africans good behaviour by attacking them with metal rods and knives. Well if that is the way to learn good behaviour then i'd run away from it rather than embrace knives and metal rods with open hands.

Racism is becoming a hge problem in todays world especially when we look at it from a globalized point of view and even more importantly a Muslim's point of view.

It is time we all stood up and said NO!

No to generalizing!
No to backbiting!
No to doing things behind people's backs!
No to racism!

Friday, September 19, 2008


This fyp is driving me nuts at times.

When you are doing work it is very stressful and when you are not doing anything it is still stressful. Well our samples(50%) are missing,how i don't know we put them in the freezer room and the beakers apparently grew legs and hands and opened the freezer door and walked away to God alone knows where.

Just got a drilling from my supervisor and rightly so as my group and I have not done much except for plan and plan without the implementation. Well inshAllah after the Raya(Eid)break which will be over in inshAllah 2 weeks time is when I will be able to start with the biopsy puncture practice and the extraction inshAllah.

A biopsy puncture on a 4 week old mouse-

Also an update on the VDo that I was making I probably can't finish it this ramadan simply because some of my actors have gone missing for the Raya break and I also plan to go missing for the Raya break and hence we will probably release it for the next ramadan inshAllah.

Yaawn...its still 2 hours to iftar and i am feeling really stressed out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

salam this is probably my only update in ramadan -

well life's pretty much the same except that Anwar Ibrahim is probably going to take over(according to him) by the end of this month as PM of Malaysia. Well wether he does or doesn't remains to be be seen

Btw I shud be releasing my first VDo from dariwala productions by the end of this week inshallah

well is time for sahur-so of i go to eat

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This was written yesterday btw

Today is the first day of the first Ramadan in my life in which my father will not be alive. This is not going to be an easy task ,to break my fast knowing that I have only one parent left. I think that as time goes on the wound will probably heal however the hole that has been left ,the seat at the table that will not be filled all these are irreplaceable.
Alhamdullillah this month is full of blessings. Today is the first day of Ramadan and I was already ionvited for Sahur/Sahri (early morning breakfast-before the cracka’ dawn) to a friends room who had cooked a delicious aloo aur chicken ka salann(potato and chicken curry) which we had together with bread and garama garam chai(steaming hot tea) and I am invited to an uncle’s(family friend) house for iftar(breaking of the fast-at sunset).
Righto as for the conference –well it was quite interesting but what was fascinating was seeing a hundred or so Muslim brothers and sisters from all over the globe sitting in one room discussing their problems (categorized into 3 main ones-1.) the whole Moral Sanctions issue-also more crudely known as boycott, 2.)The Missionary issue with Indonesia being a case study and thirdly highly fitting for it being a conclusive topic 3.)The political power of an individual with cases like Gandhi and Malcolm X being mentioned and not to forget an extremely fitting example Florence Nightingale-the founder of the nursing profession). It was a rare occasion and gives one hope for the future where people from such diverse backgrounds with such diverse views can actually sit down tighter in one room and try to solve with some suggestions a few of the issues that mainly involve us Muslims and is very close to our heart. I have to say that I feel very blessed with the opportunity to have attended such a conference which was made all the more meaningful simply because it was totally student run and student oriented. It really gives so much more to hope for especially in terms of unity, so much more than the generation just above us.

End of yesterday's blog

being absolutely random agian:a bird just chirped outside my window-it is 7am in the morning