Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Back !

Back in Kuantan that is. I travelled roughly 6500km in 24 hours just to reach Kuantan,but after having journeyed so far and jumped straight back into my fyp i fell that it was worth it. Althrough honestly nothing can replace leaving my family behind fot Allah knows best whatever time period but anyway kuantan has become something like home for me.Never thought that I would say it but there u go-stranger things have been known to happen.

Another big thing is that I have edited and directed my first short film and here is the link on youtube so go ahead and watch it-comment either here or on youtube so that I can know where to iprove myself inshAllah.

A Ramadan Reminder

Anyway this is my last post for the year so Fiamanillah!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am a clumsy oaf! Now normally I wouldn’t degrade myself but I am not too happy with one of my more recent stunts. I was jumping up and down on my sister’s huge trampoline when trying to show my nephew and niece a special stunt a jumped and landed not to solidly on the trampoline and ended up twisting my ankle. Since then it has been an excruciating journey-and one that has had my 4 year old nephew threatening to poke my ankle if I did something not to his liking.
Now I have been threatened in the past but never bya 4 year old!
However that is not why I am upset –I think that it has to do with the journey that I will be taking inshAllah in a couple of days. Now as described in previous posts AirAsia is not an airline that believe in frills so walking up and down the airplane staircase with a twisted ankle that hurts every time I try to twist my knee is not the way , I imagined my return journey to KL to be.
That reminds me –I have to stock up on chocs and sweets and everything nice before I leave

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Okay here is the 101-I finished my exams, worked on my FYP for about 2 weeks and then grabbed a flight down under to visit my family. Now while this may all sound like too much too fast-actually it is –alhamdullillah I am with my family for the first time since my dad passed away i.e. we are together again for only the second time since my dad passed away.

An interesting thing that happened to me while on my way here was –well this was my first time taking Airasia-which by the way is a budget airline. And the funny thing was …you know how normally you have to use a tunnel sort of thingy to get from the airport terminal to the plane well they don’t have this is in Airasia apparently one has to walk to the plane and then board it like the olden days. Now the funny thing was that it was raining pretty heavily –the usual heavy downpour in Malaysia- and the only way we could get to the plane was by walking. So what they did was they provided us with nice, red colored Airasia umbrellas which we used to walk on the tarmac to the plane.

The result-my pants got wet until the knees level. In fact one of the guys next to me was muttering “this is what I paid,$600 for…”.
Let me add at this point I had ordered an International meal –and needless to say I was curious as to what it might be-so I waited eagerly curious and I guess it helped that my stomach was also growling. So when they finally came around to serving the meal and reached my seat I was impatient to say the least. “Sir, may I have your boarding pass to check for the pre-booked meal”..”Aahh…International meal”-Out came a Spritzer mineral water bottle, a kit kat and a very disappointingly tiny box that contained chicken and baked potatoes with some vegetables. A little bit of a letdown on that front!

Actually through I was extremely impressed by the service provided by Airasia-they were only 5-10 minutes late and their stewards and stewardesses were exceedingly polite. Plus it helps that they were much cheaper than any other airline. Well I have been pretty busy since I came here –meeting my nephews and niece- acclimatizing them to say “Haris Mammu” again and by the way I have to say that the weather here in spite of it being summer is pretty nice. I mean I wake up in the morning at times shivering with no fan on-that is better than Kuantan during the rainy season.

Alrite then! Till next time!.. G’day Mates!