Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is what I wrote yesterday(16th February 2009) :-

We are defined by the choices that we make and as I prefer to leave things to the last minute my last minute stuff is best described by what my Mum calls “Hubber-Dubber” I strongly believe in this statement as when I began the day today I had no idea that it would such a hectic day for me. Normally I do things at the last minute metaphorically speaking but today was an example of day when I did things at the last minute literally.

3.00am- Woke up and started work on processing the Final Year Project Pictures

6.00am- Went out of N’s room in Gombak to look for a Musolla nearby where they might be praying Fajr prayer went into the nearest Musolla but saw three bodies lying there and sleeping.Did not feel like waking them and went back to N’s room.

7.00am-Went to M’s room to borrow the key of his bike so that I could ride his bicycle to the graveyard to visit my late father’s(May Allah have mercy on his soul) grave. Now normally I would walk around the from the back of the Gombak campus where there was a small opening in the fence which would allow me to go over and visit and all of this was done in about 20-25minutes. However due to university’s strict policy and not allowing students to “escape” without them knowing when and where to i.e. they have repaired the fence I had to go the long way using M’s bike. By long way I meant over hills and more hills which resulted in my unfit self pushing the bike more often than riding it.

7.50am-came back but was late so friend M ended up missing his 8 o’clock class.

8.00am-Rushed back to N’s room as he had an 8 o’clock class and I had the key to his room.

8.05am-Left N’s room with my bags as my day was packed and I would have no time to go back to the room.

8.10am-Called and met Hr(brother of Hn-friend in Kuantan ) so that I could get Hn a suit from his brother to wear during the IFD.By the way I should mention here that Hr had a class at 8.30 am and I had to meet him before that-which alhamdullillah I managed to.

-Went to T bhai’s room for breakfast as I had promised him that I would visit him before I left KL-went there and told him about my day so far we had a laugh about it and then I dozed off only to awaken 2 hours later.

10.15am –Had the breakfast that was slotted for 2 hours before and then took another shower.

11.00am –Left the campus for some work to do in KL city

–Finished my work and then took the monorail to Bukit Bintang to get Md’s(room-mate) hard-disk .

1.00pm –reached Kl Sentral station –prayed and then stopped at Subway to grab a quick bite and then started work on my Final Year Project picture processing again.

3.26pm[present time]- Finished the bulk of the picture editing and the lot –all praise be to God.

5.00pm-Have to leave for the Titiwangsa(aka Pekeliling) monorail station where at
6.30pm have to get my bus for going back to Kuantan inshAllah.

6.30pm-Bus leaves for Kuantan inshAllah.

9.30pm-Bus arrives and get to campus

–Continue Final Year Project result processing and finish preliminary

12.30am-Go and get Y from Bus Terminal inshAllah.

1.00am-hopefully sleep inshAllah.

Now that is a long day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am writing this post as I am sitting in my CADD(Computer Aided Drug Design) class after having an extremely bad quiz. Well I normally don't not pay attention(*cough*splutter*)in class but I have to say bio-informatics , homology modeling and the sorts really is not for me.

Well the IFD stuff is almost ready-came up with a trailer that really is not very good but hey in my defence it was my first and also a video for the latest ISCK gathering which I will probably be putting up on the new blog that will be hosting my video and other creative technologies work inshAllah under my productions company i.e.Dari-Wala Productions.

Any way soon inshAllah I'll be putting up the url for the dari-wala productions after i finish writing the speech for the deputy rector who will be officiating the IFD program inshAllah .

Well its back to the world of facebooking...I mean Cadd work.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I wrote this a couple of days ago

It is 3am in the morning and I have to get up in the next 2 hours to start working on my business that my rommies and I came up with. We supply egg and mayo sandwiches to the Kulliyyah(faculty) for the students to eat in the morning. Note how I have italisized the word morning as it doesn’t(sadly so…) refer to my definition of the word which is any time after 12pm and before 3pm but rather to the cruel cruel world’s definition. Now anyone who knows me knows that I do most of my work at night i.e. I sleep until 12pm if I don’t have any classes in the “morning” or at times even when I do. Anyway due to the “Egg n Mayo” sandwiches I have been awake at about 6am for the last couple of weeks and I have to say this for it “Business is HARD WORK!”. I now thank God that I have no interest in pursuing my career as a businessman as then the few remaining strands of hair on my head would then disappear .

Oh well my lovely bed calls and how can I refuse its embrace!