Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This day 20 years ago,a screaming baby was pulled out of his mother's womb.The doctor turned him upside down smacked him real hard-this by the way got him crying like crazy-and asked his parents "what is the young fellow's name?".The parents replied"Haris"

Yes Folks! Today is my tweintieth birthday and I feel sleepy and tired and maxed out with all the assignments that I have to do,the quizes that I have study for and of course the FYP that I have started. Darn It!

It sure don't feel like a birthday...

Coming back to the FYP , I have decided to take it under the supervision of Dr. T. and the title is "Addition of Zn to papaya extract in wound healing".

If that doesn't sound scary then try this,I got the title today and have already started work.It looks like a long year ahead of me which proppably means less blogging and more working.

change the subject....

I remeber the last years birthday,I had forgotton it and was in the GPCL at 12 am when my phone rang and I checked it .It was a reminder taht i had set in case I forgot my birthday-which i did had it nor been for the alarm...-

Oh well! Let's celebrate...time to go and work on that EOP presentation due tomorrow.

God Bless!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It is right now 2am in the morning and I am sitting in the resource centre just finished doing some research for my final year project and am gearing up to do my toxicology assignment....

Which by the way I still haven't finished after working on it after many a day.

yaawwn....listening to old cat stevens songs and researching about the wound healing capacities of Zinc and papaya extract and hoping and praying that I will pick both the right concentration as well as the right supervisor for the Final Year Project .

Sheesh!Nobody said that university was so tough!Today tried out for the AUDC(Asian University Debating Championships) selection-first round today and the second round is on Thursday so let's wait and see.

My book/novel is well flowing at least in terms of forming the plot and i still do not have aplace for practical training but am hopeful for Hospital Kuala Lumpur(HKL) because if Ido not get it there then I am in a HUGE mess!

Oh well back to the "disposition of toxicants and their distribution in the body" for me

HBA out!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is a post of satisfaction of a job well done...

I am of course referring to the first ever wacKOS program-managed by me and being a play which i directed and acted in.Of course the whole team at wackos put in their best and definately it wouldn't have been the roaring sucess-suprisingly-that it was without thier effort and of course the help of God.

The video shoould be coming up soon and inshallah I will be posting it on my blog .Well I found out what thing ,I might have a career in directing but acting ,umm...hmm...remembers that he forgot one whole page of the script during the play-,well we will just have to see about the acting part.

On news from the IT front ,my blog is undergoing a major restucturing thanks to me good buddy,S.A.A. aka A.A.Hopefully with his editorial advice and IT skills ,my blog will look a bit more technologically advanced and more colourful...

so long then...

adios amigos

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today however there is something exciting going is the day of the WacKOS play inshAllah in which I am both acting and directing.I hope that it is a success as it is the first WacKOS open programme and I am responsible for it..Nway we'll jst have to see...

Wrote this a couple of days ago at about 2am in the morning:-

Just finished watching the movie “The Kingdom”. It was amaaaazzing ...especially in the sense that it showed to some degree and extent both sides of the story. It is no wonder that it is the only one of the many war movies made and released recently that have made it to the top. What was interesting ,was that how it showed that once initiated the cycle of violence continues, there is no stop .Well that is until someone with enough guts comes along , so much so that he might even be accused of being a traitor to the religion or the country if he so much as voices out his abhorrence to the violence or injustice being committed. All this religious violence is caused by some “false sheikhs” who claim that they are the only people following the true path and in doing so loose their way and stray from the true teachings of Islam(in this case) or the original teachings of their religion or sect.

The idea that someone can call(this by the way does not refer to the movie) a fellow muslim brother who says the shahada daily , just because he disagrees with him on some religious teachings an infidel is absolutely abhorrent. I suppose it makes killing them and insulting them much easier. This is also what Tun Dr Mahatir Mohammad ,the former prime minister of Malaysia said in his speech at our university’s main campus on Saturday in a speech that I had the pleasure of attending. He mentioned and brought up some interesting points and when asked in a question about the role of the OIC and IDB in the development of the ummah, he replied in not so many words that the OIC was not standing up to what it was created for and that a decision at present in the OIC can only be made if it is consensus-and not majority. I guess that is why the OIC is ridiculed in most Muslim countries because all they do is have seminars and talks and more talks-no decisions are made because a unanimous consensus has to be reached, which as we all know in spite of how we talk about brotherhood and all of that can never be reached on a whole range of issues. So i guess either the OIC reshuffles and rethinks its policies or it will become another one of the many Muslim projects that never came to any use in spite of the big hype. As for the IDB he said that in his capacity as an advisor he advised them to try and reduce their usage of the US Dollar.

Will it happen?

Not in the near future in my opinion because the way the Americans play politics and give and take is spectacular-at least if you are not involved in it. Oh wait! But then we all are ...because as soon as America snaps its fingers, we shake our heads in agreement. I have nothing against Americans, most of them are very nice people ,it is just their foreign policy that irks me .It is so one sided-but that is a discussion for another day.

Oh well..have class tomorrow morning and so gotta sleep....zzzzzzzzzzz............

Friday, February 01, 2008

Alhamdulillah ...although I have had a last couple of rough days I have finally found what I want to do inshAllah. Its been a rough ride and me with me in my 3rd year of Biomedical Science with approximately an year left inshAllah and mashAllah. Well here goes...

Suspense music builds up...drums roll!!!

I am going to be writer/author/longer shot but maybe a journalist. Now I know that people will say well you’re doing it right now and I couldn’t agree more but not professionally, not yet anyway. It might take me a year ,10 or 15 years but that is what I want to be and that is what I am going to be InshAllah.

Now that we are done with the segment broadcast on breaking news , on other news we have for tonight’s post - is that I have just finished a toxicology mid term which was quite easy by God’s Grace .Now for the hard one-haematology mid term on Monday(the 4rth of February).All about blood and blood cells and all the factors involved in blood clotting and all the talk is “bloody”.

Well at the time of the composition of this post it is 5 am in the morning and about one hour till fajr so I have got to keep going till 6 otherwise I am going to miss my fajr which I do not want to do.

So am going to get started on a book an idea which I have had in my mind for sometime but today while staring angrily and happily(coz I finished the course)at my pathology text book it came to me , plus I have to finish this short story that I got started on.

Which of course I will be posting up once I am finished with it, hopefully people keep up the prayers.

Here is a short story that I wrote at random............while bored

The End

God is great! God is great! The call of the muezzin broke through his bedroom window and awoke him from his slumber. He turned his side , reluctant to get up, when it hit him. Today was it! Today was the end! He had been waiting for this day for the last 4 years. He jumped out of his bed ,it was more like his heart jumped out of the bed , he staggered drowsily out of bed.He picked up his towel and left his room and walked groggily to the bathroom. He got into the showering cubicle and turned the tap on. Out poured liquid ice! Well at least it certainly felt like it.After rushing back to his cubicle ,while shivering, all he could think about was that this was the last day! Last Day...almost sounded like the lyrics of a really sad song, but he was happy right?

The thought bugged him as he dressed in his best for the long day ahead. After a recitation of the morning prayers with some additional reciting from the Holy Quran he felt he was ready for the exam that he had to face today. The test that would probably determine his future ,his life, his destiny ,his legacy .He shut his eyes and recited some prayers to calm himself . After his heart had stopped pounding and started beating more like ...well a normal heart, he pulled on his boots and walked out of his room. Down the four flights of stairs he went the same flight that he had been going up and down on for the last four years, the last 48 months ,it was the last time that he would go down them as the occupant of that room.

The sun was shining brightly ,the birds were chirping, it was as if the day was celebrating with him as well, yet he felt something ,was it a pang of regret or was he still sleepy. He couldn’t be feeling regret ,not today ,not just when he was about to leave this place. He was losing his grip! He shrugged off all these thoughts as he entered his faculty for the last time as an undergraduate student.He looked around at all the younger and new students ,still gawking at the architecture ,still talking about how the teachers in school were much better. He passed all of this ,that was when he saw the door. The door that was his door to freedom!

He waved as he saw all his classmates clustered around it and then the invigilator ushered them in.

It was the exam for dangerology-the hardest subject in the whole Bachelors of Thrills and Danger (BTD) programme. Well would have been a harder exam he thought but thanks to Professor Kind Heart’s hints that were conveniently dropped in his last class of the semester it was a breeze-well at least for everyone else but as he had overslept and how everyone else had “conveniently forgotten” to tell him about them it wasn’t easy. After leaving the exam hall half an hour after everyone else he stopped to have a word with the Professor to try and impress on him the importance of how a good grade would definitely have a good impact on his CGPA and also how when the Professor was a student “I am sure that he also studied, buttt ...”.

Well that was it then! The last paper, the last walk out of the Faculty as an Undergraduate student, the last cup of coffee drunk to stay awake for an undergraduate programme. Speaking of coffee,he had drunk so much of it that now he couldn’t tell the difference between normal and decaf,brown or black coffee,sweet or bitter coffee, after four years it was all just a liquid drunk to keep one awake and stop one from dozing off.

He rushed up to his room after the short but hopefully productive talk with Professor Kind , picked up his already packed up bags and rushed down to the car park.He got into a rusty,old and cracked Volkswagen classic ,and let me stress on the word classic where all his friends had already packed their bags and left them in the car the night before.

Then with the windows rolled down ,the air blowing in their faces and the wind whispering in their ears they started moving towards the gate. The gate that was their gate to freedom. As they were leaving he thought of the all the times that he had in “The Shoe” .All the administrative people he had argued with, cursed at and who believed were both lazy and selfish. The bad food(if you could call it that)Yet he thought that he had had some good times as well ,the people he met ,the little bit of knowledge that he had gained in his four years here ,the stuff in the labs that he had played with and some of whom had been destroyed by his friends and him and the tough time they gave the security guards coming back 5 minutes after curfew time and cooking up some really corny stories about being lost or “the car broke down-for the umpteenth time”.

The experiences he had here would probably define him for many years to come and had probably shaped his character in a good way or a bad one. Well time would prove all of that,whether he had warped into someone good or bad.

The gate loomed up and with a final rev up of the engine and a wave to the guards they were out and away.

The world welcomed them back in by a wonderful sunset that outlined their car in shades of orange and red.