Friday, August 29, 2008

Life as we know it is extremely short. I was just remembering how my father(may Allah have mercy on his soul) was when we first walked into our rented house in BU. He was so happy that we had finally shifted into a house again after living for one and a half years in a condominium. All the space in the new house.Little did he know what would happen around 6 years later.The garden that he used to regularly buy flowers and plants for from Sungai Buloh on his way back from work . Not to forget the sole remaining papaya tree that was left of the many that we had planted(which later I think was struck by lightening or somehow also fell down at the ripe old age of 3yrs). Now the same door that he used to walk in with his two feet, the same door that he ushered many a guest in , was the same door that his body was lifted out off- on the shoulders of men.
Today after that fateful day was I think the first time that I was coming back- at the same time- on a Friday- from Kuantan so all the memories came flooding in again. The MaraLiner bus, the back seat,the bus stop, the whole jenazah process. Pretty much most of it came to my mind today.
Anyway tomorrow is inshallah the first student catered and organized conference from my university which I will be attending inshallah. So hopefully I can come back to the blog and say that 24 hours later I am much wiser and more knowledgeable about the issues affecting Muslims in today’s world.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The weekend that passed was a hectic one. It was going to Gombak campus on Friday evening as the CFS-IIUM Debate League was over the weekend. As part of my requirements for this co circular course that I am taking going for the league was necessary. It was fun Alhamdulillah as it has unis from all over Malaysia and so managed to get quite a lot of exposure. Anyway the thing was that it was being held in the matriculation centre which was where my story of this university began. As it so happened during one of the breaks between the debates I decided to got to my old hostel room and take a look. So I climbed to the fourth floor-which may I add was higher than I remembered, perhaps the concrete stairs had grown in 3 years. The good thing was that I didn’t get lost and stopped right in front of UKC 1-422. So I stared at the door for a few seconds and was wondering whether I should go in or not. As I was staring at the door it hit me, the whole leaving business-I realized it was part of life. To move on-to remember the good times but look forward and build more good times was always necessary. Dwelling in the past never helped anyone, however learning from the past and then applying the knowledge that was harnessed from the past in the future was just as pr perhaps even more important now. To cut a long story short I decided not to go into the room and instead went on to the next debate round.