Sunday, November 23, 2008

Latest in Islamic arts

Qatar opens THE Islamic arts Museum!

This beats the Al Bukhary Islamic Arts Museum flat!-and this was good museum.

Wish I could just hop on a plane and go there asap!
I fell like I should do something more with my life!
I mean something meaningful!
Something that will make a difference!
Something that will be able to give me some benefit in this world and the hereafter!
Something that will give a thrill and money and is interesting!
Something that doesn't involve poking holes into mice or injecting rats with diabetes inducing drugs or spending hours in a lab at odd hours(i.e. 3am) or something that doesn't have to be only money related!

What am I asking for?

I'm asking for a miracle-that will allow me to do something that I will wake up in the morning excited to do and in the night make me happy,pleased and satisfied with my contribution to mankind and the ummah inshAllah(God willing)!

Who knows it just might come my way,knocking on the door and I just might open the door of destiny!-Ameen

Keep praying that inshAllah(God willing) I am guided to the best path!

and Yes I know it looks like I just discovered the BOLD button but know this each of those words has significance.
Each one of those words is a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have to wonder…why is it that people always accuse other people of weaknesses they see in themselves. I once while working as a trainer for SLEU heard in a seminar a trainer say something that went like this “other people are like your mirror. What you see in them is at times what you see or don’t see in yourself!”. It’s true ,you know that saying that it takes one to recognize another-a drug addict or a smoker they know another drug addict or smoker when they see one. Sometimes it’s by looking at the way their eyeballs always have a lost stare in them or by the bluishness around their lips-but its there.

I guess that’s why many more people find it today harder to trust people. I mean in societies or in places where one grows up taught that the world is a cruel and hard place to survive in if that same individual were to move or shift to someplace where the world was a soft and kind world the person just would not accept that such a place or such a society really and actually does exist.

So there you go –for all those people out there who truly believe that one person can bring a change or believe that they themselves can make a difference then they will-God Willing. However if they choose to make the world a pplace of haters-an arena of war and hate then let them be prepared to live the short life that we all havesurrounded by deceit ,hate and manipulation.

The dream of Gandhi , Malcolm X , Martin Luther King all started with an individual who stood up and said that they want to make a difference-they want to be heard. Everyone told them its not possible but as a cousin of mine likes to say the very word impossible says I (a)m possible.

It was the dream of the Prophet Muhammad(may peace be upon him) that his ummah would remain united and steadfast and it was and will be God willing. The time when we stand up and say to each other that the only difference between me and you is our level of faith-which we also cannot determine as it is only God who determines that. When we stand up and follow the hadith the says “every believer should want for his brother ,what he wants for himself” and by follow I mean read, recite and most importantly practice. The problem with a few of the people that I have met is that they choose not to do the third step-they just read and recite – this is where I must also correct myself so please do remember me in your doas(prayers)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well in simple words I have absent from my usual dose of the internet for a very long time and after suffering (as a result of exam and the fyp) from withdrawal sympotoms and depression I have caved in.

I am back with a vengeance.

As I have some time on my hands I decided to put together a video based on a trip that I took for my fyp to get papaya which ended up in us going to genting highlands-ask not how it happened as we all still wonder about how it happened.

Nway here it is:-